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THESE HUBS STAND OUT OVER THE REST! There has been a lot of time, thaught, research, and engineering put into these hubs to bring a product to the table that just isn't another brand hub that is pretty much the same as the other brands. What makes these hubs unique are the following features:

1 .TIMKEN 2.5" inner bearing TIMKEN 2.0" outter bearing 3.25" of bearing spread. We use top of the line TIMKEN bearing that have small roller bearings which allows for twice the surface area of conact and a smaller race outter diameter to leave more meat on the hub. This also allows the wheel mount surface to be inbetween the bearings allowing the wheel scrub geometry to be pretty much non-existant. Now you dont have to run 18+ degrees of KPI to achieve the correct wheel scrub. 

2. The inner seal has its own machined housing. this allows you to remove the seal without ruining it to inspect or prep the inner bearing. 

3. The wheel studs are removable without disassembeling the entire hub.

These come complete with:

12 PT hardware

2- inner bearings

2-outter bearings

2-chromoly snouts

2- solid bearing spacers (will need to be machined to set hub preload)

2- inner seals

All sealing o-rings

2- rotor adapters ( 8x7.625 pattern, can make custom pattern upon request)

2- hub caps

Chromoly shanked 5/8 14 tpi wheel studs

2.5-2.0 Front hubs.

wheel pattern
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